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Underfloor Heating Richmond

In the UK, multiple homes and properties are desperate for properly installed underfloor heating. As your local heating engineers in Richmond, we understand that underfloor heating is necessary all year round, it can be particularly beneficial in the winter months to reach that optimum temperature that keeps you warm, comfortable and content. We’re proud to supply and install high quality underfloor heating in Richmond. 

As energy prices continue to increase, underfloor heating is becoming a popular choice among our customers. Whether it’s electric or water-based underfloor heating you’re looking for in Richmond, we can provide both solutions that bring various benefits.

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating in Richmond?

When you work with our heating engineers in Richmond, we can easily suggest and advise you on the best solution for your domestic or commercial property, whether that’s water or electrical underfloor heating. Which ever option you decide to go for, both alternatives will offer you outstanding benefits for your property. These benefits include:

  • Saving Money – If you want to save more money in the longer run, underfloor heating is the perfect solution for you. Little energy is wasted through this way of heating.
  • Heating Spreads Evenly – With standard radiators, they can only target specific rooms. However, with underfloor heating, the heat effectively spreads much better to heat up your whole property.

What Is the Difference Between Water and Electric Underfloor Heating in Richmond?

Although water and electric-based underfloor heating in Richmond are both great options for your property in the UK, they both function very differently and are more suited to certain properties than others. Here are the differences between the two:

  • Electric Underfloor Heating – Electric underfloor heating in Richmond is the complete system with no additional energy sources needed where it’s installed. This type of installation is known to be a cheap, quick and quality fix, especially for properties that are undergoing extensions and renovations.
  • Water Underfloor Heating –  A water underfloor heating system in Richmond works by a series of pipes being connected to your boilers which consequently helps to circulate warm water that then transcends throughout your property. Water underfloor systems can pretty much be installed anywhere, which helps us to easily install this system in a wide range of properties.

For Cost-Effective Underfloor Heating in Richmond

If you need a quote from us don’t hesitate to give your heating engineers in Richmond a call today on 01895 643 100. Whatever service you require, our expert team will be happy to help. We have years of experience fitting water and electrical-based underfloor heating in Richmond and the surrounding areas in both commercial and domestic properties. 

underfloor heating richmond
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